Get the financing you need for your Fix & Flip and Fix & Hold properties.

Fix & Flip Line of Credit offers experienced investors a line of credit they can use to acquire and/or renovate multiple properties. Fix & Flip Single Loan requires no experience and is available to first-time investors.

Our Programs below will be based upon the Integrity & Credibility of the Borrower

Key Product Facts

  • Rates as low as 6.99%
  • Lines of credit up to $10MM with individual loan amounts from $50K to $2.5MM
  • Financing for up to 90% of acquisition costs and up to 100% of renovation expenses, up to 75% After Repair Value
  • Single property loans available for borrowers with no real estate investment experience

Loan Purpose

  • Exposure line-up to $10MM for experienced investors (1+ completed flip in past 2 years)
  • Single property loan available with no experience required

Interest Rate

6.99% and up

Minimum Property Value



9 months (standard), with optional extensions

Borrower Type

LLC, Limited Partnership, or Corporation

Maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV)

75% of After Repair Value (ARV)

Maximum Loan-to-Cost (LTC), Cost is purchase price amount


When do we use LTV vs LTC

Generally, we use the lesser of LTV or LTC calculation

Cash Flow Requirement


Rehab/Construction Financing

Funding up to 95% of rehab budget (up to 100% available), max 75% ARV

Property Type

Non-Owner Occupied: Single-family residences, 2-4 family units, Condos, Townhomes, and Multi-family properties up to 20 units